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Travels To Asia

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Iran - full travel report and all info about the country.

Cambodia - full travel report from the expedition.

Singapore - full travel report from the expedition.

Armenia - beautiful mountains and ancient churches.

Swastika for luck (the history of swastika).

Tibet - the holy city of Lhasa and the "Friendship Highway" to Nepal (including Mount Everest).

Burma-golden pagodas, travel journals, practical info and a great gallery.

Kyrgyzstan-horse expeditions, mountain lakes, beautiful landscapes and the start of the Pamir Highway.

Sri Lanka-a wonderful journey in the Buddha world, great beaches, tea fields and ancient cities.

Vietnam- all you need to know about this country.

Tajikistan - The Pamir Highway and its ultimate adventure.

Time zones - description and division of time.

Health - vaccines to consider before travelling.


Travelling does not start when we leave and does not finish when we get to the final destination. In reality it begins much earlier and practically never finishes, because the tape of memory is spinning, even though we have stopped moving. There is a thing called a travel infection, and it is a kind of incurable illness.

Ryszard Kapuściński

Kompas Travel is an interesting, colourful tale about my fascinating travels on a low budget through the far away and often the most remote areas of Asia. Regardless of whether I go to the Tibetan glacier or challenge the endless steppes of Mongolia or whether I play with cobras in the Ganges Valley, it is always a wonderful experience..


Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the temples of ancient Persia through the Himalayas and through the Great Wall of China into the lush jungles of Borneo, I realized the the world should have its order. Whether I was shearing fresh tea with Buddhist monks in the tea fields of Sri Lanka, or whether I got stuck between lemon trees in chaotic Bangladesh, despite all the fine adventures and experiences I was always aware to which culture I truly belonged and I always greatly appreciated the beauty of our own White Christian culture and the heritage of our beautiful White race.


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I`ve been exploring the beautiful, amazing and at the same time a very tragic world and each time I feel enriched by new knowledge, skills and experience, which I want to share with you. Life is short and holidays are even shorter, that’s why I don`t spend a whole year in a big city, wasting my life on a gray prose of life. When the time comes I take my backpack and a few pennies and go for the next, great adventure.

My objective is to explore the remote and unknown countries on a small budget and publish my journals and pictures in such a way, that you would find travelling easier, safer, cheaper and with greater joy and satisfaction. To those who’ll be never given an opportunity to experience such adventures I strongly recommend to read my very informative and fun filled journals. I wish you fruitful travels around the world.


Survival adventures as a way of life

Laos - taking a rest after a jungle trek Iran - finding water in a desert canyon Burma - taking a bath in a natural jungle pool.


Independent expeditions on a low budget - cheap travels on my own as a way of getting to know the realism of explored countries.


According to me worldwide tourism has not much in common with education about the visited countries which can be reflected only through experiencing its realism. Organized, time limited trips are in my point of view the worst way of travelling because they limit contact with local people, they don`t force to thinking and getting to know the realism of the Third World Countries on the travellers`own skin. A traveller needs time to understand a country and to lose himself in its chaos and lack of understanding and to find the right way by himself because only that way he would be enriched by realistic experiences.


I always travel independently and I always move around by local transport or by hitch-hiking and my base is a cheap hotel for local people or a tent which I set up in the mountains, deserts, steppes and other remote places. I eat in non tourist bars or from street vendors, I learn their ways and I listen to their stories. Because of that I feel that my travels are a way of realistic education and experiences without limits what would be impossible when using organized tourism for big money. Because of that I have real experiences and I really know every country I`ve been to. For this reason I feel sorry for all tourists who buy expensive trips and whilst moving around by organized transport they are rushed by their guide like cattle. Their travel memories are then limited only to 5* hotels, meals, signals to use a toilet and commands of where to look, without the real contact with the surrounding world. Later the same tourists praise themselves to me that they have been to Bombay, Saigon, Tehran or Phnom Penh. However in my point of view because of travelling their way they`ve never been to any of those places. They have only been to London on the other side of the ocean. I would best compare this occurrence to observing the underwater world. You can either see it on a big screen TV or dive yourself and that way become a part of the underwater fauna and flora


Survival adventures as a way of life

Kazakhstan - a mountain horse expedition. Malaysia - a jungle trek with an overnight in a cave. Thailand - thai boxing with the Thais


Travelling Asia- the way to get to know yourselves and the world. I encourage to read my travel memories.

Travelling has been my passion from an early age, but I started to approach it in a more structured and thought way quite recently. My travels through Asia, not only resulted in thousands of photos and memories, but also taught me a lot. The reason for bringing this site to life was to share my thoughts, tips and advice on travelling with a wider group of people. I hope that both experienced travellers, and those who are just at the beginning of their adventures will find my website to be an inspiration and motivation for future travels.


How beautiful it is that every country is different, every country has different people, different cultures and religions, different temples, different customs, different languages and different ecosystems; and those differences represent the true beauty of our planet. On the other hand let's imagine how harmful and morally dirty it would be to put the entire world into one place so no-one would have their national and cultural identity and would be a forced to perversion Marxist puppet called "the citizen of the world". I travel all over the world but my nationality is my pure White bloodline and the honour of my Catholic culture and none of these values will be ever for sale. 

How beautiful it is that God created a man and a woman to be together and created such a huge diversity of races and cultures and so much inequality among them, that's why to summarise I support multi - "culturalism" but only on a condition that it is based on the very distant cultural and racial separation.

Expeditions to Asia - my memories and tips for travellers.

All those who are planning or have already been to Asia will certainly share my fascination with this multi-coloured, dramatic, beautiful continent. Above all, my experiences and passion for travels led me to build this site, which – as I believe - would be very helpful in organizing trips to Asia and beyond. I`m happy to answer majority of questions related to the subject and I encourage you to get in touch with me if you feel it would help. I wish you all a pleasant and an inspiring reading.


Survival adventures as a way of life

Tibet - in front of Mount Everest with my beautiful, brave woman. Pakistan - the special mission. With the "nice guys" in Peshawar, the town sitting on bomb next to Afghanistan. It looks that I am ready for action.